Cereals 2022: New R975i to head Deere trailed sprayer range

John Deere sprayer

© MAG/Oliver Mark

John Deere has responded to the growing appetite for high-capacity trailed sprayers by launching its biggest model to date – the 7,500-litre R975i.

It shares plenty in common with the mid-range R962i, including the steel chassis and much of the spray pack, but the narrowest axle setting has been widened to 2m to better handle the 6.3t empty weight, or 13.5t when fully laden.

Notable among the raft of spec options is the availability of 25cm nozzle spacings, which are becoming more popular as a means of improving application accuracy, maintaining droplet size and reducing drift in less favourable conditions.

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This allows operators to run the boom closer to the crop – anywhere between 30cm and 40cm – and use a combination of nozzles to provide a complete forward/backward/downward spray pattern for maximum coverage and penetration.

The intermediate nozzles can also be switched off when operators want to revert to 50cm spacings for liquid fertiliser applications.

Filling the tank is the work of a 1,200-litre/min pump that will do the job in a little over six minutes.

However, as with the other models, there is an “active pause” function to give operators more time to lob in a complicated T1 mix.

The centrifugal spray pump has a 750-litre/min output as standard, though it can be upgraded to a 1,000-litre/min unit.

Steel booms are available in widths from 24m to 40m, and individual nozzle control is now available on all Deere’s R-series sprayers.

Like the others, it can be paired with a Deere 4240 (8.4in) or 4640 (10in) Universal display, or run through another Isobus-compatible screen.

The R975i on show, fitted with a 36m boom, manual five-way nozzle bodies at 50cm spacings, PowrSpray and 620/70 R42 tyres, has a list price of £179,215.

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