Tramspread merges dribble bar line-up into new Suffolk range

Tramspread has incorporated old and new dribble bar models into a Suffolk-branded range.

As before, working widths extend from 6m to 24m, but the company has added a stack of new mid-size options and a contractor-friendly 18m/24m variant. 

Those up to 15m wide have vertically folding, galvanised steel booms and can be run in an umbilical system or fitted to a tanker. Conversely, the 24m aluminium boom, which weighs a little over 2t, folds around the tractor cab. 

Versions from 6m to 12m have a single Vogelsang Exacut macerator, but the 12m is also available with twin macerators, which is a standard fitment on the 15m and 24m.

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Outlets are spaced at 30cm and geometric control on all twin macerator models allows for independent boom adjustment on hilly land. A pair of hydraulic sluice valves provide on/off slurry control for each side.

The pipework has been designed for retrofitting flow meters and near infra-red spectroscopy (Nirs) slurry monitors, which can map application rates through an Isobus-ready tractor monitor.

Prices range from £5,000 for a small and simple 6m unit to £64,500 for the 24m, and £81,900 for the 18m/24m.