15% decrease from average yields

30 August 2001

15% decrease from average yields

GRAHAM BUNN, manager of Rotac Farms at Woodbastwick near Norwich, says cereal yields will be 15% down from average.

Claire and Savannah wheat yields have varied from 8-11t/ha (3.2-4.5t/acre). “We have got some wet areas around ponds, which were not very comfortable and some of the Claire we have just finished was laying badly down and shot. It will be feed wheat this year.”

Moistures have ranged from 14-21%. He says they had to combine the laying wheat when they could. The specific weight I about 74Kg/hl.

“Spring barley has been much better than I thought it would be.” It has yielded 5.5t/ha (2.2t/acre), which is above average. “I budgeted for 5.1-5.2t/ha (2-2.1t/acre). It has within the 1.75-1.8% target for nitrogen and I only had to dry a little. I am well pleased with it.”

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