"Experience" makes for accident risks…

21 August 1998

"Experience" makes for accident risks…

"THE person most likely to have a serious farm accident is self-employed and in the 45-54 age range – in other words the experienced farmer," says David Corlett of the Health and Safety at Work Inspectorate of the Department of the Environment.

He had deduced this from a study of the figures produced by the UKs Health and Safety Executive which he featured in a display he had prepared for the Department of Agricultures stand. Here, he and his colleagues were reminding farmers that from Oct 1 agriculture will be included in the inspectorates remit.

Farm inspections should be non-confrontational, points out David who has produced a leaflet identifying high-risk areas. He hopes this will make farmers more aware of safety matters and that they will then address them themselves.

"Farmers should periodically walk around the farm and look for situations which are potentially hazardous," he says. "They should also think of jobs to be done next, and any potential risks they will produce. When hazards are found, common sense dictates that appropriate precautions should then be taken.

"Remember, your actions can keep you, your family and your employees safe."

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