Act now to claim slaughter premium

29 September 2000

Act now to claim slaughter premium

By FWi staff

FARMERS who missed the cut-off period for claiming slaughter premium have been thrown a lifeline by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Now unions are encouraging producers to act immediately to ensure they dont lose this second chance.

Junior farm minister Joyce Quin has announced that the claim period for the beef slaughter premium has been extended from two months from the date an animal is sold for slaughter, or leaves the farm for slaughter, to six months.

The change is retrospective.

Producers who earlier this year did not claim slaughter premium within two months of selling their cattle for slaughter (as originally required), now have an opportunity to do so, advises the National Farmers Union of Scotland.

Farmers who wish to make a claim should do so immediately and submit their forms with the Intervention Board, says the Farmers Union of Wales.

“This has long been a matter of concern to our members, and the FUW welcomes the Governments decision to extend the claim period,” said Arwyn Owen, Farmers Union of Wales deputy director of agricultural policy.

In addition, the NFUS, advises producers who have not claimed premium on cattle slaughtered in January, February or March this year, that they may now do so.

However it advises Scots farmers claims should reach their local Scottish Executive Rural Affairs Department office by Saturday (30 September).

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