Activists attack GM time bomb

13 February 2001

Activists attack GM ‘time bomb’

By FWi staff

ENVIRONMENTAL campaigners claim to have uprooted and destroyed a trial crop of genetically modified oilseed rape in Warwickshire.

Local people entered a field at Deppers Bridge Farm, Harbury, and dug up 300m2 of the crop, said a statement which arrived at FARMERS WEEKLY.

“This is the second action at the test site – dubbed the “Field of Discontent” – after activists decontaminated an area of the field in January,” it added.

Protestors belonging to the group claim to have left the slogan: “Time Bomb in Harbury! – 3 months countdown – when the rape flowers its too late”.

Spokesperson Fiona West said the group decided to do something for themselves after reading articles in the local press about the previous action.

“It is only three months until the crop flowers, at which time pollen will be spread across a huge local area, contaminating organic and conventional crops.”

“This is a time bomb waiting to go off. We urge the farmer to remove this hazard from his land before its too late,” added Ms West.

“If he doesnt, then we hope the people of Harbury will act to protect their local environment. Otherwise this will be a case of You reap what you sow ”

Further action is expected by environmentalists after the governments list of GM trial sites for this year is published next Monday (26 February).

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