Adjuvant mix peps up performance

5 September 1997

Adjuvant mix peps up performance

TRIALS using the highly refined mineral oil adjuvant Sprayprover with fop and dim graminicides carried out by Southern Crop Research have revealed significantly better results on volunteer wheat when Sprayprover was added to Fusilade (fluazifop-P-butyl) in place of the non-ionic wetter Agral. But it did not improve the control of blackgrass.

Adding 1% Sprayprover to low doses of Falcon (propaquizafop) gave weed control comparable to two to three times the amount of Falcon on its own.

Trials also showed that adding Sprayprover to a range of clodinafop and fenoxaprop formulations improved their efficacy significantly. As a result manufacturers of all formulations containing those active ingredients, except Tigress, support the use of Sprayprover as an adjuvant, says Steve Wilson, technical manager at Fine Agrochemicals.n

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