Good all-round site bringing together news, product information, agronomy tools (e.g. Variety Recommended Lists, weed and pest & disease guides for sugar beet) and weather. The site covers a large amount of information, but it is easy to navigate. But dig deep and you do find some outdated areas.
Loads about Bayer‘s product range and more! Download product manuals, safety data sheets and tank mix recommendations for the company‘s products. Product e-labels can be downloaded to your PC or hand-held. The Four Seasons Farmers online club is designed to help farmers get the best from Bayer‘s products (registration needed).
Up to date, pro-GM website, with comprehensive FAQ section and GM news from around the world.
Diatomaceous Earth site – non-chemical products for controlling insect pests, grain storage and feed additives.
Bayer CropScience‘s guide to the main diseases of oilseed rape and beans. Also includes pest and weed spotter guides providing very useful pictures and commentary.
Site aimed at grassland weed and pest control. Good info on grassland pests, product data sheets and guides in the technical section.
A lot of up to date product information from DuPont in a well laid out and easy to navigate site. Product selector lets you choose the best product for different crops/pests/weeds/diseases. Other features worth a look are the disease map (with NIAB) and the product label catalogue.
Simple layout, containing a database of products available, together with safety info. Online soil/tissue analysis allows you to see if nutrient levels are OK, low or deficient.
Adjuvants product information. A simple layout, with printer friendly pages, kept up to date with the latest news and related links.
Information and advice on adjuvants. Useful flow charts for choosing products by crop. Agronomic news section was not very up to date.
Makhteshim Agan UK site giving lots of technical support on products, safety sheets, labels, trials results. Other features include the BugWatch section and information on tank mixes, LERAPs and SOLAs. Plenty of links to navigate around the site.
Lots of practical info on oilseed rape varieties and Monsanto‘s crop protection portfolio – including product labels, management guidelines and tank mixes. The “Harvest highlights” section compares the performance of different varieties – available as a pdf. Biotech info can be found at
All you ever wanted to know about slugs from De Sangosse – from the different types to susceptible crops and control products. Registration needed for some areas, but plenty there for non-registered users. Online forum for those with specific comments.

Agronomy guides available in the ‘Crop information centre,‘ current projects e.g. BUZZ, SOWAP, Farm Sprayer Operator and tips on effective spray application among the many features. Plenty of Syngenta product information and a separate section on grass weed resistance. See SPAWS for phoma warnings. A well laid out site, well worth visiting.
An international site looking at the evolution and impact of herbicide resistant weeds. Useful, but aimed mainly at weed scientists.
Another Bayer CropScience site, providing a good mix of diagrams and pictures of broadleaf and grass weeds at different growth stages, plus technical product information.

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