Agri-biz pay too low to attract new blood

By FWi staff

PAY rises in UK agribusiness sectors are unlikely to attract much-needed new blood into the industry, warns a leading recruitment specialist.

Managing directors and senior executives received salary increases of just 3.4% in 2000 with salaries averaging 70,000, according to a recent report.

The survey, conducted by Andersons Chamberlain, revealed that the largest rise of 6.14% was received by finance directors whose salaries averaged 52,000.

Sales executives fared worst with increases of just 3.13% taking the average salary to 31,500.

The sectors represented ranged from seed production to milk supply, and machinery manufacture to vegetable cooperatives.

Responses came from plcs, co-ops and limited companies to provide a broad picture of salary and employment packages, with turnovers ranging from less than 1 million to over 50m.

The lowest sector increases of just 2% were in the grain marketing and milk supply companies.

Highest increases were in the agricultural supply trade, which averaged 4.25%.

“If companies are paying salary increases only just above the inflation rate, they can not expect to hold on to people who will be looking to where their skills can be used elsewhere,” says Nick Gauntlett of Andersons Chamberlain.

“There is never a vast amount of movement in or out of the industry but those just out of college or university who are making career decisions will not be encouraged into the sector by results such as these.

“It is not really a great message to be spreading.”

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