Agribuggy receives makeover

7 September 2001

Agribuggy receives makeover

THE Agribuggy, originally built by Frazier, made an appearance under new guise at Tillage 2001 after Kellands Agricultural Spray-ing Supplies bought the companys liquidated stock last September.

Assembled at Kellands factory in Birdip, Gloucester, the Agribuggy features a new curved cab from CabTech that is mounted further forward to provide improved levels of visibility.

Improved views and operator comfort have also been achieved through use of a wider door and electrically folding steps.

With six machines already sold, the company aims to sell a further 20 units a year to join the 800 machines currently in the UK.

Driving force for the Agribuggy is provided by a 111hp Land Rover TDI engine which is transmitted through a ZF torque converter and four-speed auto gear box.

From the auto gear box, drive passes through a Land Rover dual range transfer box – doubling speeds to eight – and then through a differential to the front and rear axles.

Supplied by Melo, the axles are equipped with epicyclic planetary hubs – and each wheel is fitted with hydraulically assisted disc brakes.

To ensure a smooth ride, the axles offer leaf and spring assisted suspension.

Further revamps to the machine include a moulded glass fibre, rather than steel, 2000lt tank profiled to give better weight distribution.

Boom choice includes Pommier aluminium or steel versions up to 28m – and the Agribuggy is fitted with an Imovilli four cylinder pump and Teejet triple nozzles. Price of the new look Agribuggy is from £58,000. &#42

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