Agronomists Alliance

24 August 2001

Agronomists Alliance

Agronomists are being offered a tailored service by the HGCA, providing information to relay to producers.

"Agronomists are not levy payers, so do not get all the information growers get," says HGCA communications manager Rosie Bryson.

"But they are important for getting messages across and we know growers like their agronomists to be involved."

Agronomists registering with the Alliance will receive topic sheet highlights and research and development project reports by e-mail, plus a fortnightly technical news-sheet.

"This will help the flow of information to farmers, so I would like to see farmers asking their agronomists if they are part of the Agronomist Alliance," says Dr Bryson.

Register through the HGCA web-site ( or e-mail &#42

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