Amelca support overwhelming

By FWi staff

AMELCA, the new farmer-owned dairy processing business, claims overwhelming support from farmers since the first share offer was launched last month.

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Bruton Knowles

“By the 11 December deadline we had reached our 3 million target from producers and are fully supplied for milk with about 150 producers supplying 150m litres,” says managing director Len Jackson.

“Funds from the City are also coming in, but much slower. Of the 2m needed we have raised about a quarter, with a lot more committed, and the rest we are still working on.”

The share offer is being held open for the full 40 days, taking the deadline to 20 December.

“We are very close to the 6.6m minimum needed, which I am confident of meeting by next week.

“Our biggest hurdle was getting the farmers to sign up, but we are still receiving calls. And if they want something to work as much as this then Im sure that it will succeed,” adds Mr Jackson.

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