28 June 2002


Following the success of last years competition, Richard Keenan UK

and farmers weekly are offering another opportunity for one lucky

reader to win a Keenan Klassik 100 valued at £21,000

LAST years winner, Derbys-based livestock producer Richard Mycock, says hes delighted that he entered the competition. Before the win, he used a forage box to fill troughs. Since changing over to the diet feeder his milk yields have increased by 4 litres/day, he says, without changing the ration.

His cows are currently averaging 23 litres/day, despite being more than 200 days in milk. Milk sales for February this year were 650 litres day/higher than last year. This equates to an additional 3.8 litres/cow, worth £120-£140/cow extra over the whole winter.

"Another benefit is that cow health has improved with no cases of acidosis this winter. In the previous two winters, acidosis was a big problem on the farm," says Richard. The same feeds were used, as they were already ordered for the winter, but were thoroughly mixed and presented in a more balanced ration.

The Keenan Klassik is designed with the animals specific nutritional needs in mind. The gentle mixing action thoroughly chops and mixes ingredients to present animals with consistent rations that maintain effective cud-chewing fibre. This mixing action allowed straw to be added to Richards cow ration to help rumen function by counteracting wet silage and opening up the ration structure.

Using the top knife, floor-mounted knives and unique angled paddles, the Klassik easily incorporates bales of silage and straw into the mix. Its mixing flexibility provides the capability to mix a wide range of feeds into rations for all classes of livestock. These range from calf pre-mixes, straw-based dry cow rations to high performance rations for dairy and beef cattle.

Richard Mycocks milking cows are benefiting from a pre-mix maximising home-grown feeds, formulated by his Keenan Systems Specialist.

Theres another chance to win a Keenan Klassik feeder this summer. Just read the question each week and fill in the coupon in the July 26 issue of FW.


Without changing the ration,

what was Richard Mycocks increase in daily milk yield/cow?

A: 2 litres?

B: 3 litres?

C: 4 litres?

(tick one box)

Keep your answer in a safe place and use it to fill in the coupon that will appear in the July 26 issue of farmers weekly.


1. How is the Keenan Klassik diet feeder to be won? Read the text on the competition pages in each of the FW issues of June 28, July 5, 12, 19 and 26 and answer the question each week. There will be a coupon in the July 26 issue in which you can write your answers.

2. The winner will receive a Keenan Klassik 100 mixer feeder worth £21,000. No cash alternatives are available.

3. The decision of the competition judges and of the editor of farmers weekly is final. No correspondence can be entered into.

4. The competition is open to all readers of farmers weekly in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland other then employees of Keenan or its distributors or of farmers weekly.

5. Closing date for completed entries is Aug 9, 2002. Please send them to Keenan Klassik Competition, farmers weekly, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5AS.

Top: Keenan Klassik diet feeder worth £21,000 is the prize.

Above: Entering the competition last year and winning the Klassik has enabled Richard Mycock to make full

use of farm-grown

feeds and forages, reduce ration costs, improve his animals health and efficiency, and increase profits.

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