Arable overshoot 3.2% in Scotland

9 August 2002

Arable overshoot 3.2% in Scotland

ARABLE overshoot in Scotland for 2002 is estimated at 3.2%, according to the Scottish Executive.

The result will be that Scotlands farmers can expect £119m in arable area aid, a rise of more than £3m on last years total. Most payments will be made between Nov 16 and Jan 31.

Unpenalised payment rates for cereals, linseed, oilseeds, flax, hemp and set-aside in Scotland (before 3% modulation) will be £211.36/ha for LFA and £230.02/ha for non-LFA. Protein crops on LFA will receive £243.23/ha, with £264.71/ha on non-LFA. &#42

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