Arable sector looks for agrimoney

7 September 2000

Arable sector looks for agrimoney

By FWi staff

ON Thursday (07 Sep) the National Farmers Union will meet junior agriculture minister Joyce Quin to ask the government to take up arable sector funding from Brussels.

Richard Butler, cereals spokesman for the NFU, said while grain prices are low across the world, the effects in the UK are made worse by the strength of the Pound.

If it wasnt for the exchange rates, prices would be in the 70s compared to the 60/tonne or less, he told the BBC Radio 4 Farming Today programme.

Mr Butler said support payments had also gone down in the UK as a result of the strength of the Pound.

He called on the government to pick up 34m agrimoney available to arable farmers.

This money is available under EU rules where subsidies and support prices are devalued when converted from the Euro to strong national currencies.

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