Archive Article: 1997/04/25

25 April 1997

If the thought of sitting in a tree with a chainsaw sets your nerves jangling, then consider this – Stihl has developed a telescopic chainsaw that allows trimming and shaping of those hard-to-reach branches, while keeping both feet firmly on the ground. Using a lightweight telescopic drive shaft, the HT75 can be extended from 2.65m (8ft 8in) to its 5m (16ft 3in) maximum. At the end of the telescopic shaft sits a 30cm (12in) guide bar, which includes a built-in oiling tank for automatic chain lubrication. Overall weight of the saw is 7kg (15.5lb) – most of which is in the units 1.2hp engine – and Stihl provides a shoulder harness, so both hands are free to guide the shaft. The telescopic HT75 saw costs £499.

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