Archive Article: 1997/09/06

6 September 1997

THE New Holland combine line-up shows strength in numbers – standing at 13 models this season.

Theres no change in the TC range, but a second Twin-Flow rotary model – the TF76 Elektra – joins its flagship sister, the TF78.

Available only as a self-levelling machine, the new TF76 features the turbocharged and intercooled six-cylinder 255hp Powerstar engine. Its fuel efficient design coupled with a 600 litre fuel tank gives daylong harvesting without the need to refuel, says New Holland.

Other features contributing to a high output is its 8,000 litre grain tank and a choice of 6.10m or 7.32m wide headers, both with Autofloat control. Base price for the TF76 is £178,580.

But most of the seasons changes affect the TX family. Extending the range at the top end beyond the existing 280hp TX68 is the TX68 Plus, with a 310hp Iveco engine, 9,500 litre grain tank and headers up to 9.15m wide.

The new TX67 has the same 255hp engine as the existing TX66, but otherwise is a quite different machine. Despite its 8,500 litre grain tank being 500 litres larger, overall machine width is reduced to 3.30m – an advantage where high capacity is needed but roads and field entrances are restrictive. The narrower design means that a remote gearshift system replaces the conventional gear lever and hand brake.

At the smaller end of the range, the TX62 comes in for a minor upgrade – with a slightly more powerful 190hp engine instead of 187hp, and a 7,200 litre tank in place of the previous 6,500 litre capacity.

Rather confusingly, the 205hp TX63 replaces the TX64 and the 220hp TX64 Plus replaces the TX65. The TX65 Plus, at 240hp, swells the ranks in the five straw walker category.

On all the TX machines, header attachment and removal can be simplified with the optional Faster coupling which groups all the hydraulic connections together.

Another time-saving new feature is a flip-up rotary dust screen over the engine compartment.

CropCutter versions of the D1010 and D1210 big balers are also being introduced next year. They are claimed to increase density and make the bales easier to use.

The D1010 costs £60,171 and the D1210 £76,068 for the CropCutter versions. The Bale Command monitoring and control system is fitted as a standard on both.

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