Archive Article: 1997/11/08

8 November 1997

&#8226 never re-use pesticide containers for any purpose except to contain an identical pesticide

&#8226 clean packs thoroughly before disposal by rinsing or as otherwise indicated on the label

&#8226 always puncture or crush empty containers

&#8226 store securely pending disposal


&#8226 bury containers where there is no risk of groundwater pollution, under at least 0.8m of soil, below the level of any land drains

&#8226 burial site must be recorded and marked


&#8226 burning is subject to national clean air legislation and local authoritys environmental health department

&#8226 burn in an open space at least 15m from any public highway and where smoke will not drift over houses, roads, livestock or business buildings

&#8226 containers must be open, and placed on a very hot fire a few at a time

&#8226 constant supervision is required

&#8226 extinguish fire before leaving

Other disposal

&#8226 contact the waste disposal department of your local authority for details of reputable specialist disposal contractors

More help

Ask your local MAFF office for a copy of: Pesticides: Code of practice for the safe use of pesticides on farms and holdings. A new edition is expected shortly

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