Archive Article: 1997/11/08

8 November 1997


1. Woodland Grant Scheme (WGS) £1,350/ha

– A one-off establishment grant, 70% paid on completion of planting and the remainder 5 years later.

2. Better Land Supplement (BLS) £600/ha

– Has to be "arable" land or "improved" grassland. All paid on completion of planting. Minimum area: 0.25ha, 15m wide.

Minimum stocking rate of 1,100 trees/ha for plantings of under 3ha, at 3m by 3m spacing. Stocking rate rises with larger plantings to 2,250/ha, to maximise timber production potential.


Farm Woodland Premium Scheme (FWPS) £300/ha

– Recently increased. Paid annually for 15 years. Minimum 1ha, and land has to be within the Woodland Grant Scheme to qualify. If land is counted towards set aside requirement, payment is at prevailing set-aside rate if this is less than £300/ha. To count as set-aside, land must be IACS-registered and the smallest area allowed is 0.3ha, 20m wide.

Anyone interested in planting new woodland is entitled to one free visit from an ADAS woodland consultant. Help is also available with grant applications but at a cost.

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