Archive Article: 1998/03/06

6 March 1998

WELCOME to farmers weeklys brand new Scratchmatch 98 game. Each week for the next eight weeks, we will be giving you the opportunity to win £1000 in cash prizes plus the chance to win £2000 in our prize draw at the end of the competition.

Scratchmatch is free to enter and simple to play. So dont miss out. Make sure you give yourself the chance to win cash prizes worth a total of £10,000 over the next eight weeks.

How to play

Each week, we will publish a list of farming words. Find them on your card and then scratch the gold panels to the right of each word. If you reveal a cash amount, you win outright or a share in the cash prize shown.

If you reveal 10 identical symbols over the eight weeks of the game, you are eligible for entry into our £2000 cash prize draw.

You must scratch off only the gold panel to the right of a published word. If you scratch off any panel next to a word not published, your card will be void.

Make sure you keep your Scratchmatch 98 card in a safe place, its valid for eight weeks starting Mar 6, 1998.

You can obtain a game card by telephoning 01628-665620.

How to claim

1. Telephone the FARMERS WEEKLY Scratchmatch card claims line on 01254-683555 between 10am and 3.30pm on the Monday after publication. No claims can be accepted outside these hours.

2. You must have your card with you when you telephone.

3. If you are unable to telephone, someone else can claim on your behalf, but they must have your card and call the Scratchmatch card claims line within the stipulated times.

4. No responsibility can be accepted for failure to contact the claims line within the stated hours.

5. If you reveal 10 identical symbols you gain entry into our £2000 prize draw. Send your card, along with your name and address to FARMERS WEEKLY, PO Box 79, Accrington, BB5 5GJ. Entries must be received by May 8, 1998.


1. The FARMERS WEEKLY Scratchmatch game is free and purchase of FARMERS WEEKLY is not necessary to participate.

2. The FARMERS WEEKLY Scratchmatch cards are available at the offices of FARMERS WEEKLY, Quadrant House, The Quadrant, Sutton, Surrey, SM2 5AS or by telephoning 01628-665620.

3. In the event of more than one winner on any one week, the prize will be shared equally.

4. All claims are subject to scrutiny before payment.

5. Employees of Reed Business Information, FARMERS WEEKLY, its printers, typesetters, Marketforce UK, Europrint Group Ltd, their agents and families are not eligible for entry.

6. Any card that is defaced, tampered with or incorrectly printed in any way will be declared void.

7. FARMERS WEEKLY reserves the right to stop the Scratchmatch 98 game at any time or to change the conditions governing the rules.

8. In the event of the FARMERS WEEKLY Scratchmatch words not being published, for whatever reason, the game will be suspended that week.

9. The winner of the £2000 prize draw will be the first card drawn after the closing date (May 8, 1998) which has 10 identical symbols.

10. Data supplied may be used for direct marketing purposes; if you object please write to Reed Business Information Ltd, PO Box 271, Haywards Heath, West Sussex RH16 3FT.

11. All participants will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules which include all instructions as to how to play and how to claim as printed in FARMERS WEEKLY.

12. In all disputes, the Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

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