Archive Article: 1998/03/13

13 March 1998

Not to be outdone is Wiltshire contractor Alexander McKie who has fitted a 25t capacity spreader onto a stretched 400hp, five-wheeled Horsch TT 351-5 unit (see FW Machinery, Feb 13).

With hydraulic drives to two sets of bed chains and a set of vertical spinners, the whole outfit is said by Mr McKie to have cost in the region of £200,000. £13,000 of this total was responsible for the machines Terra-tyres. Hydraulic power is also used to drive the Horsch – a hub-mounted Poclain motor for the front wheel and a second motor to drive the other two axles. To cater for different conditions, drive can be directed to create three-, four- or five-wheel traction. Spreader emptying time is claimed to be in the region of 90sec and maximum spreading width, 15m (49ft).

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