Archive Article: 2000/11/03

3 November 2000


uMEMBERS of the Fertiliser Advisers Certification and Training Scheme (FACTS) are being asked to sign up to an annual register due to demands from assurance companies for a current list of members. Enrolment on "Annual FACTS" will be automatic for individuals on the BASIS professional register but FACTS-only qualified individuals will need to enrol for £20/year + VAT to secure an annual ID card, a place on the register and receive Fertiliser Update mailings. BASIS professional register members will also need to pay £20/year + VAT to receive the updates.

uSUPERMARKETS are paying leek growers less than the cost of production for produce for the second year running, despite strong indications there will be a shortfall in supply, says the Leek Growers Association. Growers need a delivered supermarket price of at least 92p/kg pre-Christmas for growers to cover their costs, says association chairman Nick Allpress. But despite 16% lower plantings, 15% lower yields, and uncompetitive import prices, growers have failed to achieve that threshold. If current price levels continue a further drop in plantings is likely in 2001, he predicts.

uNEWMAN Agrochemicals has changed its name to that of its American parent and will now trade as Loveland Industries Ltd. The Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs based adjuvant specialist says that its business is increasingly global. It says it is currently the UKs largest adjuvant supplier with a turnover of £3.5million. &#42

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