Archive Article: 2001/10/12

12 October 2001

Maker playing down new strobs virtues

Not only is BASFs new strobilurin fungicide pyraclostrobin a bit of a mouthful, its also claimed to be "another revolution in disease control." Compelling trials evidence supports that view, showing consistent wheat yield responses 0.25-0.6t/ha above current strobilurin formulations.

But BASF insists on advising against the real revolution that this powerful product promises. Why not cut the standard wheat fungicide programme from three to two treatments?

Two years trials data shows yields unaffected or even enhanced by implementing a two-spray strategy. Not a shred of evidence that pyraclostrobin formulations cannot cope has been presented.

Unless such data is forthcoming, the tide of economic forces will be too strong for the companys advice to hold back farmers actions.

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