Assurance scheme wins approval

30 October 2001

Assurance scheme wins approval

By Tom Allen-Stevens

ASSURED Combinable Crops has become the first English farm assurance scheme to have officially accredited verifiers for both cereals and beef and lamb.

CMi Certification, the body responsible for verifying the schemes 12,600 members, received the UK Accreditation Service award on Monday (29 October).

“I am delighted, said ACCS Chairman Tony Pexton. UKAS accreditation reinforces the credibility of the scheme with growers and the trade.

Since July ACCS, originally a scheme for combinable crops, has also covered beef and lamb, following the Assured British Meat standards.

In a reciprocal arrangement, Farm Assured British Beef and Lamb verifiers can also certify a farms combinable crops to ACCS standards in one visit.

Both ACCS and ABM are fully recognised by Assured Food Standards, owners and licensors of the Little Red Tractor mark.

A pre-requisite of this recognition was that the verifying bodies concerned should work towards gaining UKAS accreditation.

UKAS verifies the verifying bodies of a range of European quality standards.

It covers the competency of the verifiers, the standards of the scheme and the paperwork that supports it all conform to European standard EN45011.

FABBL has already received UKAS accreditation for beef and lamb.

Scottish Food Quality Certification, which certifies both the cereals and beef and lamb schemes north of the border, is also UKAS-accredited.


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