ATV is at home on Scotlands ranges

3 July 1998

ATV is at home on Scotlands ranges

SCOTLAND is often deemed to be the real home of the ATV; vast quantities of its terrain lend itself to their attributes.

A point not lost on Barrus, the company chose the Highland Show to reveal the Polaris Sportsman 335. Barrus put great store in the fact that the machine is offered with a two-year warranty.

Based on the existing Sportsman 500, the new model is powered by a four-stroke, 334cc air and fan assisted oil-cooled engine and, like its larger brother, employs independent shaft drives in the front and rear axle assemblies.

EBS – the Polaris Engine Braking System – is a standard feature and has been designed to allow greater control of the automatic transmissioned machine when descending steep hills. Price of the Sportsman 335 is £4695.

Barrus also took the chance to present a rough terrain vehicle which it hopes will find favour with companies operating in demanding conditions – electricity or water authorities, for example.

The Ranger is a six-wheel drive unit capable of carrying two people side by side and a payload in the rear tipping carrier of up to 686kg (1500lb). Power and transmission is the same as used in the Sportsman 500 ATV; a 500cc engine driving through an automatic transmission with high and low ratios. Drive shafts are employed throughout.

An interesting development which attracted significant interest at the Highland, the Ranger 6 x 6 is priced at £8995. &#42

Future development in ATV travel? The Polaris Ranger 6×6 makes its debut at the Highland Show.

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