Aversatile worker

28 March 1997

Aversatile worker

IF a machine which can be used for such diverse operations as post hole boring, pallet handling or grain handling is required, then the new Roughneck Skiploader +4 truck could be just the thing.

Powered by a 13hp Honda, pull-start engine powering through a four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission, the trucks mean proportions of 0.95m wide, 1.17m tall and 2.1m (3ft x 4ft x 7ft) long enables it to work in spaces normally more the domain of the wheel barrow. Lift capacity is rated at 500kg with a maximum discharge height of 1.9m (6ft). Prices range from £6300 for the four-wheel drive version and £5500 for a two-wheel drive option.

No oil painting by some standards but a versatile machine nonetheless. Roughnecks new multi-functional Skiloader +4, with post-hole borer.

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