Bale building four at a time

21 November 1997

Bale building four at a time

COLLECTING up and shifting big square bales in any number has never been a quick job, but its not through lack of engineering effort by farmers and machinery makers alike.

Two machines designed to stack up to three big square bales in a vertical pile were seen in the UK in the last 12 months, now harvesting giant Claas has launched its own German-designed machine which can build piles of four bales at a time.

Called the Quadro Pac, it is towed behind a Quadrant 1200 and carries out the whole process automatically. As each bale arrives in the stacker, it is lifted up to make a space for the next one. The process continues, each bale taking about 20sec to move into place, before the whole stack can be dropped off.

The machine has gone on sale in Germany, but Claas UK says it has no immediate plans to offer the machine in the UK.

Claas Quadro Pac is designed to stack Quadrant 1200 bales up to four high.

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