Banned drugs in German pork?

24 January 2001

Banned drugs in German pork?

By FWi staff

GERMAN pigmeat from animals fed on banned drugs, including potential carcinogens, may have been exported to Britain, reports The Independent.

Bavarias health minister Barbara Stamm has resigned over the revelations that millions of pigs in her region were fed illicit drugs.

Police in southern Germany and Austria believe that 1000 farmers were buying banned growth enhancers from a ring of vets for several years.

Bavarian vets say Ms Stamm knew about the racket, which took place at motorway service stations at night, but failed to take action.

One of the seized hormones was a synthetic form of oestrogen which has been proven to cause mutations and cancer, says The Independent.

In the last two years, Britain has imported 34,800 tonnes of pork from Germany for sale in supermarkets, reports the Daily Express.

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