Barn chiller keeps veg up to mark

26 November 1999


CCTV shows how it stands at the back

EVER wanted eyes in the back of your head to see what is going on at the back of large machinery during operation and when reversing?

To make visibility easier, Brace has developed a miniature closed circuit TV system which can be used to view obstructed items such as telehander hitches and the back of harvesters or large tractors.

The system comprises a 4in black and white in-cab monitor which receives an image from one or two miniature cameras placed in the desired position.

Features of the system comprise a one-way audio receiver and automatic picture adjustment according to lightness levels. Prices with one and two cameras are £299 and £399 respectively (01707-660700).

Be seen with xenon-powered light bar

NOW the clocks have gone back, an hours extra darkness in the evening poses more of a hazard when transporting machinery and slow moving vehicles on public roads.

In order to be safe and seen, Britax PMG has introduced a rotating xenon light bar beacon designed for use with farm vehicles and mobile machinery.

Measuring 420mm long, the Aerolite 420 is approved to ECE regulation 65 standards, with electromagnetic requirements satisfying the EMC directive 89/336/EEC.

The beacon can be specified in amber, red, and light/dark blue and is priced from £45 (01262-670161).

Linked belt beats Vee-belt problems

BELT manufacturer BSL has introduced a linked belt, designed for a higher resistance to wear and increased operational life compared with conventional V-versions.

The Super-T-Link belt is claimed to transmit the same power as ordinary types and can be uncoupled without dismantling whole drive systems.

The belts, says BSL, are tailored to any length by removing or adding T-shaped metal studs – a feature which enables users to reduce stocking costs of fixed-sized V-belts.

Available in most standard cross sections, the Super-T-Link is supplied on 20m (66ft) reels. Prices and further information are available on (0161-953-8633).

Hot Shot keeps it all clean and tidy

KEEP your machinery tidy and clean is the message from pressure washer manufacturer Checo.

The companys HotShot range offers three steam washer models – the 100 bar Mini, 130 bar Midi and the 150 bar Maxi. Flow outputs for the machines are 480, 600 and 900lt/hr respectively with power supplied by either a 240v or 410v electrical supply.

The other two ranges include petrol and diesel powered cold water washers operating at 150 to 200 bar pressures and also two 150 and 200 bar domestic models.

Prices for the HotShot range are from £849 to £2545 (0800-371165).

Barn chiller keeps veg up to mark

MAINTAINING quality when storing vegetables for a long time without the use of refrigeration equipment or a dedicated store can be difficult.

Harvest Installations has now developed a refrigeration unit designed to chill boxes of vegetables placed in general farm buildings.

The PCC36 unit comprises an integral sensor and control panel with digital display and automatically reduces and maintains pre-set storage temperatures.

Power is drawn from a three-phase supply and the unit features an automatic defrost system to reduce ice build-up and allow the unit to provide a constant temperature (01795-533909).

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