Better breeds could boost beef by 10m MLC

By FWi staff

THE hard-pressed beef industry could benefit to the tune of £10 million-worth of added value over the next five years through recent breed improvement techniques, says the Meat and Livestock Commission.

Not only producers, but consumers will benefit, said MLC beef scientist Duncan Pullar at the Smithfield Show today (Monday).

“Breed improvements will make producers more cost-effective, while at the same time allow them to market a more consistent product for the consumer,” said Dr Pullar.

The introduction of BLUP (Best Linear Unbiased Prediction) in 1992 has led to a doubling in the rate of breed improvement, he said.

Before the introduction of this scheme, the national herd was increasing by 0.3 beef units per year, and this has since increased to 0.6. This represents an extra £720,000 a year, and adds up to an increase of £10m over five years.

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