Big bale shredder joins Teagles range

5 December 1997

Big bale shredder joins Teagles range

TEAGLE Machinery has extended its range of Tomahawk bale shredders with the introduction of the trailed 808MF – MF designating its moving floor conveyor.

The company claims it is suitable for two round bales of up to 1.5m (5ft) diameter and any size of rectangular bale. The Tomahawk 808MF has a minimum tractor requirement of 60hp.

A hydraulically-operated tailgate with flared sides means self-loading is possible by reversing into a bale. Once the bale is on the tailgate, raising the tailgate presents the bale to the moving floor conveyor.

The machines discharge chute is hydraulically adjustable to achieve a spreading distance of up to 18m (60ft). Price of the Teagle Tomahawk 808MF is £9875.

Spreading straw up to 18m (60ft) with the Teagle Tomahawk 808MF bale shredder. It handles any rectangular bale or two round ones.

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