Big combine claims better output speed

14 November 1997

Big combine claims better output speed

ANOTHER contender joined the friendly battle for the title of highest capacity combine in the world at this years Agritechnica.

Deutz-Fahrs Topliner 8XL is a conventional (non-rotary) combine, with a choice of 7.2m or split-drive 9m (23.5ft or 29.5ft) headers, 408hp V6 engine, 40t/hour+ output and a price-tag for the 7.2m header version of £225,000.

But it is the innards that are the interesting bit. Straw coming from the 1.75m drum via the rear beater and turbo separator now goes over a new spreader rotor before hitting two banks of eight straw walkers. The effect of the spreader rotor, says Deutz, is to spread the straw better to speed throughput.

Other figures look impressive, too. Total separation area is 10.4sq m (110sq ft) and sieve area is 7.8sq m (84sq ft). The grain tank holds 10,500 litres (the same as the biggest Claas Lexion) and the fuel tank 900 litres (200gal).

Despite the high throughputs, Deutz says it was keen to keep overall width down. Space was saved by powering the header and straw elevator hydraulically rather than via a wide chain, and overall width on 800 x 32 wheels is 3.5m (11.5ft).

In the cab, the Pentium chip-based TCS system allows most combine setting to be done on screen. There are also readouts of all main combine functions and yield figures can be printed out or downloaded by card to a computer in the farm office.n

Deutz-Fahr 8XL. The worlds highest capacity combine?

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