Black Prince to Green one?

25 April 1997

Black Prince to Green one?

DID you know that the Oval cricket ground in Kennington, south London, is part of the Duchy of Cornwall? No? Well, if you care, this is one of the thousands of facts to be found in a new book*, tracing the history of the duchy since its establishment six centuries ago.

The original raison detre of the oldest dukedom in the realm was to provide a form of pocket money for Edward IIIs eldest son, the Black Prince. The current incumbent is Prince Charles, so could it be a case of from the Black Prince to the Green Prince?…

The beautifully produced hardback covers every detail of the wide-ranging aspects of the history and current state of the duchy and is embellished by 200 excellent colour photographs taken by Peyto Slatter.

You will have to be a pretty keen duchy enthusiast to fork out 20 quid for this one but, to be fair, the proceeds are being given to the Duke of Cornwalls Benevolent Fund. JE

*A Royal Duchy. A Portrait of the Duchy of Cornwall by David Burnett. Dovecote Press, Stanbridge, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 4JD (£19.95).

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