Blair fuels royal ‘frustration’

THE QUEEN is said to be “exasperated” at some of the Government‘s rural policies, according to the Daily Express.

It is also alleged that the Queen in 2002 told a farmer that she was regularly telling Tony Blair that he and his ministers did not understand the countryside.

The farmer had told the Queen that he thought the Prime Minister and his Government were lacking in their understanding of rural issues.

The Queen reportedly replied: “I know. I tell him that every week when I see him.”

But Buckingham Palace refused to confirm to the Express whether this was true or not, stating that the Queen‘s discussions with the Prime Minister “are always confidential”.

An unnamed friend of the Royal family was quoted at the weekend (Sept 18/19) as saying the Queen thought the clashes between pro-hunt protesters and the police and also the invasion of the Commons debating chamber by five protesters “could and should have been avoided”.

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