Blair unveils British food kitemark

30 March 2000

Blair unveils British food kitemark

By FWi staff

TONY BLAIR has launched a new 2 million kitemark to promote British food at the Downing Street summit with farmers leaders.

It shows a red tractor with blue wheels on a white background with the words “British Farm Standard” written underneath.

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The assurance mark, which was developed by the National Farmers Union, will appear on food sold in the shops and supermarkets within weeks.

It has been endorsed by Asda, Safeway, Sainsbury and Tesco, who have all committed to supporting the logo, claims the union.

Ben Gill, NFU President, said the kitemark would clearly identify a range of top-quality British farm produce, including meat, fruit and vegetables.

“We believe this is a landmark achievement for the British farming industry and a watershed for British food,” he added.

All products will carry the logo will be backed by farm assurance schemes, which guarantee food has been produced to the highest standards, said Mr Gill.

The mark is protected by trademark. Its use on retail packaging is restricted through a system of licences, controlled by the British Farm Standard Council.

It was designed by consultants Basten Greenhill Andrews, whose remit was to produce an image that consumers could recognise at all sizes on all packaging.

A tractor was developed by laying the letter “F” for farm on its back and adding the colours red, white and blue to denote Britishness.

Research showed that the public associated the tractor logo with farming. It is an image the NFU believes rests in everyones minds, from childhood onwards.

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