Boon for broadcasters

7 September 2001

Boon for broadcasters

G&E Agriculture claims its latest Terracast broadcasting system can cut oilseed rape establishment costs by up to £75/ha (£185/acre) compared with conventional husbandry techniques.

Based on the companys Autocast system, Terracast can be mounted on implements such as cultivators, disc and grass harrows.

Seed, held in a 110 litre hopper, is metered by a fluted wheel before being blown through a venturi by an electric motor driven fan to a distribution head.

Seed is then transferred to distribution nozzles mounted in front of the implements soil conditioning units to achieve a 1.3m spread pattern, depending on seed type.

The fluted metering wheel can be powered by a land wheel to give ground speed related application rates, or electric motor drive is available which uses the tractors radar speed sensor.

In addition to rapeseed, the Terracast system is designed to broadcast a range of other small seed types. Sowing rates of up to 20kg/ha (8kg/acre) can be achieved, says G&E Agriculture.

Supplied with an A-frame to enable easier mounting, the Terracast system is priced at £2800.

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