Breakfast week links industry

BUILDING LINKS between the farming industry and consumers is one of the main aims of the Farmhouse Breakfast Week (Jan 23-29), formally launched on Thursday (Jan 20).

Now in its sixth year, the week originally set out to increase cereal consumption in the UK, but now has a much wider remit, explained Home-Grown Cereals Authority chief executive, Jonathan Cowens.

He outlined four key messages Farmhouse Breakfast Week aimed to get across:

  • Highlight the nutritional value of breakfast food

  • Ensure children and parents recognise the need for safe, wholesome, regionally produced food

  • Highlight the diversity of UK breakfast food

  • Improve supply chain links between farmers and consumers

“It is imperative that we all start the day with a healthy balanced breakfast and there are hundreds of events taking place in support of this message,” said HGCA nutritionist, Therese Coleman.

Over 600 events, including those at farmers markets, schools and supermarkets are taking place during the week, organisers said.

An online survey of almost 1,400 people conducted during last year‘s event found those who had eaten breakfast were more alert and had 12-13% better memory function, said Keith Wesnes, research coordinator.

A similar, more comprehensive study is being carried out this year and further information can be found at or

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