Breed gives beef sales a 15% boost

12 December 1997

Breed gives beef sales a 15% boost

CUMBRIAN butcher and farmer Norman Kyle says his retail beef sales have risen by 15% in two consecutive years – and he attributes much of that to the demand for Galloway beef.

Mr Kyle, who runs a shop at Brampton, near Carlisle, buys up to six beasts a week and prefers two or three of those to be Galloway.

"There is a big market out there for quality beef with flavour and character and our retail sales of Galloway beef have proved it. The 30-month scheme has worked in the breeds favour," says Mr Kyle. "Farmers have had to push these steers a bit harder and the result is a faster return on capital for them and a younger but equally good prime beast for the butcher," he adds.

He believes that a branded Galloway beef scheme would be a great boost to traditional hill farmers who remain loyal to this native breed. &#42

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