Brit lamb export push

7 March 1997

Brit lamb export push

THE new British Assured Meat scheme could help maintain lamb exports to France despite falling consumption there and strengthening Sterling.

According to Rémi Fourrier, MLC director in France, guaranteeing origin and traceability of lamb exports is now a supermarket requirement.

"We went to see supermarkets, and asked what they needed. The origin of lambs, and traceability, of both lambs and feed, was a key issue." From July 1, all lambs in France will be tagged for complete traceability. The co-op system also means that it is easier to trace lambs as they are likely to be within co-ops from birth to slaughter.

said Mr Fourrier.

"In the UK, where lambs may be sold twice through auctions, we can only confirm the origin of 20% of lambs. We may have to ensure better traceability to meet commercial pressure, and this scheme should help."

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