Broker claims Russian ANis top-notch quality

5 December 1997

Broker claims Russian ANis top-notch quality

WHY pay premium prices for top- notch fertiliser when imported ammonium nitrate of similar quality can be had at a significant discount?

That is the message from Britannia Fertiliser Brokers as Nooran ammonium nitrate is graded SP4 under the Fertiliser Manufacturers Association spreadability ratings scheme.

Myth exploded

"Nooran has exploded the myth that reliable quality Russian fertiliser is not available in the UK," the company claims.

Paying a £15-20/t premium for SP5 fertiliser may be worthwhile when SP1-3 imports are the only alternative, the company says. But SP4 ammonium nitrate can now be bought at import prices, saving farmers up to £6/ha (£2.50/acre) at typical nitrogen rates in wheat.

Key to Noorans SP4 rating is careful shipping, explains Britannia. Many Russian factories produce quality fertiliser, but spreadability can suffer during uncovered transport and storage. Nooran supplier Noortrade has tackled that with factory checks, weather-proof transport, re-inspection before bagging and indoor storage before shipment to the UK, it says.

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