BSE – organophosphates to blame?

17 January 2001

BSE – organophosphates to blame?

I HAVE been saying for some time that the only connection between BSE and CJD is the common cause.

Sheep dip containing OPs can cause nervous complaints, but does not cause BSE or CJD, so we are assured.

OPs did not cause BSE, we are told, but headlouse shampoos containing them are banned “because they can cause damage to the nervous system”.

Has anybody declared that none of the vCJD victims have ever used these shampoos?

We were told that BSE came about because the rendering was no longer done using heat, but we are now told that neither heat nor even radiation can kill the prion that we are told is responsible.

Can it be that the food manufacturing industry started to put something in both cattle feed and burgers that was not previously included – ground-up bones perhaps?

Jim Roper, Chickerell, Dorset

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