Bungled slaughter must be stopped

18 April 2001

Bungled slaughter must be stopped

AS a senior animal welfare inspector for over 21 years, I am disgusted at the way some stock have been destroyed.

I can only go by what I see on the TV, as we have not been present when the slaughter takes place.

No, I am not as some farmers call “one of the pussy people”; I have worked in the farming community most of my life, and I am a trained slaughterman.

In fact in the last outbreak in 1967, my cows were slaughtered.

I know that this slaughtering is an emergency, but that is no excuse not to do the job properly. There is no hurry when carcases are left for days.

Even on the farm, all animals should be pithed; the captive bolt only stuns.

I would ask MAFF to get their act together and ensure that these animals are killed correctly with as little stress as possible.

Remember the slaughter regulations, they are there for a reason.

If some of these so called slaughtermen were killing my stock, I know where I would be pointing the gun, and it wouldnt be at the sheep.


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