Buoyant mood in potato market

By FWi Staff

THE buoyant feeling in the potato market continues, while unsettled weather is having a positive effect on prices at present. Prices for most sectors are maintained, although poorer qualities have eased.

Strongest interest is for set skin packing, baker material, salad varieties and frying Piper. Best prices are £180-£220 although bottom quotes have slipped to £60. Most trade was done at between £120-£160 per tonne.

Quality is driving price at present and in the bulk market set skin is attracting £150-£180 with top prices making £220. Lose skin ranges between £100-£150. Red varieties are making £130, mainly £160-£200 and Piper can reach £180-£200. Whites are fetching about £120-£170.

Piper dominates the bagged chipping market making £120 but mostly £140-£180. Other chipping varieties are £120-£150 and general ware £100-£140. Poor samples can make £80/t.

Spot salad material is limited although contracts are making £230-£250 for Charlotte and Nicola with exceptional 0-35mm reaching as much as £600 while 34-40mm samples around £350-£450.

The British Potato Council weekly Great Britain ex-farm average price lost 23p this week dropping to £136.38/t, compared with £62.03 in 1997, and £61.78 in 1996. When excluding processing purchases the ware average is revealed at £144.72 compared with £55.61 last year.

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