CA condemns Commons protest

THE COUNTRYSIDE Alliance has condemned the demonstration on the floor of the House of Commons which interrupted the fox hunt ban debate on Wednesday (Sept 15).

CA chairman John Jackson said: “I condemn these lawless activities which are selfish and self indulgent.”

“However appalling the behaviour of Alun Michael, people should not allow themselves to be provoked into activities of this kind which can only harm the cause for which thousands of their fellows are demonstrating peacefully.”
But the Alliance was less apologetic about the violent protests in Parliament Square.

Prior to the rally, the CA‘s Simon Hart had stated that since the government had chosen what he called “the path of prejudice and spite”, the reaction it would thereby unleash would be “entirely its own responsibility”.

After the clashes between protesters and police, Mr Hart said: “The scenes of disruption in Westminster are unfortunate and unnecessary, but when the Labour party is destroying people‘s lives in some perverted game of political football, they are not surprising.”

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