11 September 1998


ENTERING the top four US sires ranked on its Type and Production Index (TPI) is new bull Pen-Col Decision.

A Bellman son, Decisions UK conversion shows £125 PIN and £126 ITEM, with 1115kg milk, 32.8kg fat,(-0.12%) and 34kg (+0.02) protein, at 77% reliability. His converted type merit is +2.23, and he will suit producers who dont want to increase cow size, says ABS Progens Simon Gee. But Decision is a poor semen producer and straws will cost £45.

Top of the TPI list is French sire Celcius, with US bull Ha-Ho Cubby Manfred, from World-Wide sires, in second position, having gained points since the last proof run. Manfreds UK converted proof is £125 PIN and +1.01 type merit.

From the same breeder as Decision, Pen-Col Database joins the TPI list in 15th position. Databases sire is Pen-Col Dancer whose semen was not used in the UK. Database offers a converted UK proof of +2.8 type merit and over 1100kg of milk. But he only produces 23.3kg (-0.3%) fat and 27.9kg (-0.1%) protein, therefore, his PIN is £93 and ITEM is £102, with 73% reliability.

K-Man is another promising newcomer. His proof is 1181kg of milk and +3 type merit. But this breeder-proven bull has only 27 daughters in 21 herds, and a reliability of 65%, warns Mr Gee. However ABS are also progeny testing the sire so more daughters will join his proof next year. Fat and protein production is also low with this bull who converts to £90 PIN and £93 ITEM.

US proven bulls BY TPI

Bull TPI £PIN (where available)

Celcius 1898

Manfred 1705 125

Bellwood 1685

Decision 1677 125

Thad 1660

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