Chaser bins catch on

19 August 1997

Chaser bins catch on

CHASER bins, as a means of transporting grain from combine to standing lorries, are beginning to make their mark in the UK.

Latest contender for this market comes from Alastair Kerr of Woodbridge, Suffolk, who is marketing a 15t capacity version.

Constructed from 3mm mild steel for the bin and 6mm mild steel for the chassis, the axles are claimed to have a 20t capacity. Running gear comprises 24.5 R32 12ply tyres with an option of fitting the 30.5 R32s providing the extra transport width could be safely accommodated.

For emptying, the bin is equipped with a hydraulically folding 35.5cm (16in) auger and, for cleanouts when changing crops, the bin has a withdrawal strip in its base.

Other features include a top covering sheet which is positioned or removed by turning a handle and a high underbody clearance to prevent build up of straw.

Mr Kerr reports that a seasons work with the bin in Suffolk – ferrying corn from two John Deere 2066 combines – has proved to have been a successful first outing.

Chaser bin in action. Note the foldaway discharge auger and the high underbody clearance which prevents a build-up of straw occurring.

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