Checker in pocket

2 March 2001

Checker in pocket

NAVIGATING the minefield of pesticide choice, including fungicides, is easier with a recently launched computer programme for use outdoors, according to Herts-based Muddy Boots Software.

With environmental and regulatory issues surrounding pesticide use increasingly important, Pocket ProCheck for a hand-held PC provides data access and input where it matters most – in the field, says the firms Jeff Goulding.

It contains information on over 2800 pesticide products including dose rates, harvest intervals, environmental data and LERAPs, operator notes on special wash-out and disposal procedures, as well as details of pests, weeds and diseases controlled.

A search facility allows users to find products by certain criteria, he adds.

The in-field software, which requires that users already have ProCheck installed on a main computer under the firms CropWalker system, involves a one-off payment of £99 + VAT.

ProCheck itself is updated daily with all new products, SOLAs, off-label changes and revocations through the firms web-site.

A suitable hand-held PC to run the new software costs about £400.

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