Chicken meat sales soar past 3bn

31 August 2001

Chicken meat sales soar past 3bn

By FWi staff

SALES of chicken meat have soared to over 3 billion a year in value as chicken has become the nations favourite meat, according to a new study.

A report by food magazine The Grocer says that poultry, chicken-ready meals and nuggets now make up 54% of total UK meat sales.

Sales of beef have fallen back to less than 50% of the UK meat market.

The magazine suggests the reason for the increase in chicken sales is in part down to the success of chicken roll roasts.

Suppliers have altered the perception of the roast as a weekend meal and created products tailored to be a convenient midweek meal solution with little waste.

It adds: There is record number of stuffings and marinades available, not just to add interest, but also to widen the appeal of poultry.


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