Claas improves design of rotors on new rakes

31 March 2000

Claas improves design of rotors on new rakes

By Andy Moore

AFTER its launch of two new Disco mowers, Claas has now introduced a twin rotor centre swath rake for the silage season.

Designated the Liner 880L, the trailed rake can be adjusted from 7.6m (25ft) to 8.3m (27ft) working widths, allowing three 3m (10ft) or two 5.5m (18ft) mower swaths to be rowed up.

A key feature of the rake, says the firm, are two, large diameter, 3D pivoting rotors, capable of working on steep or sloping ground. Each rotor is equipped with 13 tine arms, while whole rotor pivot points allow lateral and fore and aft movement.

Both rotors are fitted with a spring suspension system to enable ground contours to be followed accurately and soil contamination to be reduced. For support, each rotor is mounted on a four-wheel carrying frame, with two castor front wheels running behind each rotor.

Other functions of the rotor include 25í angle adjustment to avoid fouling headland swaths, and simultaneous lift operation to improve turning ability.

On the attachment side, the rake is equipped with an inverted "U" shaped headstock, a system designed to provide greater stability for hill work, and to avoid the pto shaft being damaged when the linkage is lifted.

For transport, both arms are hydraulically lifted and locked to give a width of 3m and height of 3.5m (11.5ft) with the upper arms removed. The Liner 880L requires a minimum 50hp and costs £13,500. &#42

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