Co-op asks where ACCS cash goes

21 April 2000

Co-op asks where ACCS cash goes

ACCS verifiers are paid £60 a visit, including their expenses, so how does UKFQC justify the £95-£350 a farm subscription rates? asks Viking Cereals managing director David Balderson.

"On a £300 a year subscription rate, with one inspection every three years, that leaves £840. Where does it all go?"

About half Vikings 400 members are in ACCS. That may reach 60% by harvest as the group advises members to join.

But if harvest 2000 does not make membership worthwhile that advice will change. "If the scheme does not work we will withdraw en bloc. I am not prepared to sell members a sham," he says.

Compounder plans to verify non-ACCS farms individually threaten to undermine the whole scheme, he adds. &#42

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